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In the modern world almost every fifth person is converted to Islam. Over the past 50 years, the Muslim population of the globe has increased by 235% and currently stands at 1.6 billion. The “Halal” services market is experiencing rapid development all over the world. Religious business can be quite successful and profitable, because nowadays the demand for “Halal” products is very high, since the popularization of Halal products and any “Halal” business is connected with the religious duty of Muslims.

Legal services complying with the norms of Islam are necessary for any successful Muslim. Halal (Arabic. حلال - permitted) - "all that is allowed and permissible" (opposite to the forbidden). Therefore, any business should not only be allowed - Halal, but also good, which means “Hasan”. With this appeal, the Law company “Academy of Law” is a speaker of legal services in the Russian Federation.

According to the “Halal” rules, all contracts should avoid all signs of usury, excessive risk and uncertainty or create a monopoly position or collusion. It is forbidden to hide information about defects in the goods offered.

In the “Halal” industry there is no religious or racial discrimination, the main thing is the purity of the thoughts, the purity of the business and the observance of the requirements that is provided for such activities.

Our company provides a unique opportunity to protect the rights of both Russian citizens and foreigners, as well as protecting the business interests of Russian and foreign companies in accordance with Russian and International Law, taking into account the norms of Islamic Law. We are constantly developing in Russia and we conclude business agreements with foreign organizations.

Lawyers of our company are ready to offer their assistance in Russia as well as in other countries to individuals in resolving issues with governmental agencies, third parties, and organizations in solving emerging problems.

Our company has developed the following “Halal” standards in the provision of legal services in the Russian Federation and daily uses and applies them in its practice.

According to Article 28 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, everyone is guaranteed freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

Taking into account the principle of freedom of contract and in accordance with Article 421 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, citizens and legal entities are free to conclude a contract. The parties may enter into contracts, both provided for and not provided for by law or other legal acts.

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, Muslims have the right to conclude civil contracts at their discretion, choosing their own terms.

Primary requirements

In accordance with the norms of Islam, goods and services should not only be allowed - “Halal”, but also good and high-quality, which means “Hasan”.

The activities of law firms should be aimed at providing what is permitted from the point of view of Islam and high-quality professional services, as well as at popularizing the high principles of Islam, high universal morality and ethics.

Taking into account the need to regulate relationships in accordance with the norms of Islam, law firms must strive to:

  1. Conduct business, guided by the principles of justice, good faith and personal responsibility of each specialist;
  2. Comply with high ethical standards of professional activity and the requirements of current legislation, prevent any falsification and distortion of facts;
  3. Impartially consider issues arising in the course of professional activities, to make every effort to preserve independence from the illegal influence of third parties, creating the possibility of causing harm to customers and partners;
  4. Constantly improve the quality of services provided, continually improve their professional knowledge and skills, including through the exchange of experience with colleagues;
  5. Respect the professional knowledge and skills, moral principles, traditions and views on business ethics that exist among colleagues;
  6. Recognize the right of free will of each business partner and consumer, the free choice of methods for executing agreements between the parties;
  7. Try to resolve any disagreements that arise through negotiations aimed at finding a reasonable compromise;

Professional requirements in the field of legal services

According to the norms of Islam, there are the following requirements for the provision of legal services by lawyers and law firms:

  1. The lawyer must be competent, possess professional knowledge and know legal practice. The lawyer must conscientiously relate to his work, make all the knowledge and efforts to represent and protect the interests of persons seeking legal assistance.
  2. The lawyer is obliged to keep professional secrets. Including not only information on the case, but also other personal information. Keep the secret must also after the fulfillment of obligations and termination of the contract. Disclosure of confidential information is possible only in cases specified in the law.
  3. The behavior of a lawyer should not harm the personal reputation, reputation of the company and the interests of the client. Ethical, moral and high Islamic values ​​and norms of behavior must be observed. Any statements made by a lawyer in the media, the Internet and personal conversation should be responsible and reliable. Statements should not be misleading. If there is a need for posting examples from legal practice in social networks, the client’s personal data must be previously agreed with him.
  4. The lawyer has the right to comment media on legislative processes, the state of justice, as well as the implementation and protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens. It is also permissible to comment on the trial, in which the lawyer participates subject to the agreement of the comment with the client.
  5. It is necessary to be guided by the presumption of innocence, not to allow unreasonable, not supported by accurate facts and case materials comments. The lawyer is obliged to act in all cases from a position of law.
  6. The lawyer is obliged to rely in his activities only on the law. It is prohibited to give in to the interests of the authorities, individuals and organizations in the event of a conflict with the law.
  7. The lawyer is obliged to refuse the case if the client is trying to violate the law or the rules of Islam. In this case, the lawyer is obliged to convey to his client the reason for the refusal to conduct the case, justifying it and identifying possible risks of adverse consequences.
  8. It is forbidden to participate in relationships whose subject is the transfer, receipt or giving of a bribe.
  9. It is forbidden to participate in borrowed (interest) and credit relations. Namely, it is forbidden to act as a lender, borrower and witness in relations with a percentage credit or loan. It is forbidden to provide legal and mediation services in these relations.
  10. It is prohibited to provide services for the recovery of fines and lost profits.
  11. It is forbidden to provide services and enter into agreements with the conditions of excessive risk and uncertainty (Garar).
  12. It is forbidden to provide services and enter into agreements with the conditions of concealment of information about defects in the goods offered and the consequences of the services provided.
  13. It is forbidden to protect the rights of individuals and organizations that are contrary to the norms of “Sharia”.
  14. It is forbidden to provide services and enter into voluntary insurance contracts, which by their own terms contradict “Sharia”.

Защита Ваших прав

Наследственное право

Юридическая помощь принятия наследства на любой стадии, начиная от устной консультации, заканчивая защитой Ваших интересов в судебных органах.

Семейное право

Юридические консультации по семейному праву, помочь при разводе, разделе имущества или возможности общения с детьми.

Административное право

Консультирование по административному праву, анализ системы документооборота, разработка локальных нормативных правовых актов, возмещение вреда.

Жилищное право

Юридические консультации по жилищному праву, оформление перехода права собственности, определение доли в праве собственности.

Земельное право

Юридическое сопровождение оформления земельных участков, экспертиза договоров купли-продажи, постановка земельного участка на кадастровый учет.

Коммерческое право

Наша Компания оказывает юридические услуги по сопровождению Вашего бизнеса, чтобы Ваш бизнес был под 100% надежной юридической защитой.

Корпоративное право

Юридические услуги в сфере корпоративного права, а также комплексный подход в решении корпоративных вопросов юридических лиц и индивидуальных предпринимателей.

Налоговое право

Юридические консультации по вопросам применения налогового законодательства, экспертиза и обжалование вынесенных налоговым органом решений.

Трудовое право

Разработка трудовых договоров и локальных нормативных актов, структурирование трудовых отношений, лизинг персонала, сокращение работников.

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